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improve answer ratios

Financial Services and Debt Collections

CLI Spam customer service

Retail and Service Contact Centres

CLI Spam healthcare


Financial Services and Debt Collections

CLI Spam debt collection

Financial Services and Collections

Deal with vital account-related queries on first contact

Grow Portfolios

Don’t let unanswered, unknown or SPAMMED calls delay a timely investment. Ensure trust in every customer engagement.

Increase your promise to pay's (PTPs)

Improved RPC (Right Party Contact) ratios will directly increase your PTPs or sales that directly increase your revenue. Higher call answer ratios allow for higher RPC and quicker resolution on matters.

Retail and Service Contact Centres

CLI Spam Call Centres

Maximise efficiency and ensure telephonic appointment reminders get answered

Don’t let another unanswered call impact your company’s schedule. Confirm appointments quickly and ensure scheduled services are delivered on time by connecting with more customers on the first try.

Complete deliveries on time

Prevent costly delays that result in unhappy customers, inefficiencies, and lost revenue. Resolve any delivery time and location issue quickly to keep your customer experience high.

Follow up on inquiries and provide quotes faster

An unanswered call can mean a missed sale. Connect with more prospective customers than your competition.

Ensure fast and efficient reservations

Increase the number of reservations and bookings in a day by reaching more customers in less time. CLI Verify ensures that every reservation from clients is confirmed.


CLI Spam

Get back to your patient or client

Ensure that a patient’s or client’s inbound missed call is returned and answered promptly.

Succesful patient appointment reminders

Don’t let unanswered calls lead to a missed appointment or an urgent patient query not being dealt with promptly. Connect with more patients on the first ring.

Connect with patients or customers regarding critical information or feedback

Healthcare companies could have vital information pertaining to the patient’s or client’s health. With the Verified Company, these patients or clients will know who calls them and ensure they answer their phones.

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