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CLI Spam Protect

The Verified Company provides our clients with increased influence over the performance of their outbound voice calls. Spammed, Blocked, and Unknown CLI numbers are the number one reason for unanswered calls. 

CLI Protect, and CLI Verify double answer rates, decrease the cost to connect, drives faster lead conversion, and improve customer satisfaction.

Protect your brand identity by having your CLI numbers Verified with a zero chance for CLI name tampering. Influence answer ratios through our CLI branded capability. Increase brand reputation by being seen as trusted, secure and safe.  Access powerful Performance Analytics that offer insights to optimise business performance.

Leveraging off the voice performance platforms of Hiya and TrueCaller, the Verified Company will ensure call protection and appropriate reputation designation. The Verified Company has unmatched distribution through direct relationships with TrueCaller and Hiya and South Africa’s largest mobile carriers, resulting in a growing reach of over 10 million individual users.

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