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Frequently Asked Questions: General

Yes! Some companies have, for example, a debt collection unit where they do not want to show their company name until they have made contact. While on the other hand, they also have a service centre where agents need to, for example, get hold of a customer about an insurance claim. If you are one of these companies, you would probably use both products for optimal contactability across all business units

Given ICASA regulation, you can only display the CLI numbers belonging to the voice network/provider you use. So, you will have to use our voice platform and voice minutes since these awesome products uses mobile and fixed-line numbers registered to our ICASA license.  However, this should not be an issue; we will easily match or better any voice rate with your current provider. We are a tier-1 telco using one of the most redundant PortaOne Grade-5 Sip Switches in South Africa and we are hosted in Teraco Isando… and probabaly the only voice provider that can give you fixed-line CLI voice and Mobile CLI voice from a single voice platform. 

You cannot opt for these products as an individual entity, only registered businesses can use our CLI Verified products.

CLI SPAM Protect and CLI Verify work on all devices that support the Truecaller application, i.e., Android & iOS. *Note – due to iOS restrictions, the UI could be different from Android. (Hiya that is natively installed on all Samsung and Google Mobile phones will potentially be integrated soon, as well).

For now, yes. TrueCaller has the biggest proliferation in South Africa, but we are in the process of also potentially integrating into Hiya INC that is natively installed on all Samsung and Google Phones… so, watch this space!

The Verified Company can supply you with Fixed Line Geographic CLI and DID numbers, as well as ….. drumroll… Mobile CLI numbers. Keep in mind this will require your business to use our voice network to display the products CLI’s for your business legally.

CLI Spam Protect

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Accounts and billing Verifed Co

Frequently Asked Questions: Account Management & Billing

Unfortunately, we do not have a free POC option. However, we do not hold you to any long term agreement, as long as you give a calendar month notice. 

The following processes must be completed:

  • All the relevant documents must be sent, vetted and approved. 

  • The client must approve the Order from D/O mandate

  • The technical scoping document must be completed and signed off as feasible.

  • Given that you complete the above process quickly and accurately, our Service Delivery Team could have your business up and running within 48 – 72 hours; unless we face some network complexity to activate your voice services.

  • Typical complexity and nuances that differ from customer to customer:

    • Do you have the relevant WAN capability to connect back to our SBC (Voice Platform) in Teraco JHB? If voice quality is essential, we recommend a layer 2 WAN connection to our SBC, or if you also co-locate in  Teraco, a simple cross-connect from your rack to our SBC will be optimal. 

    • We can also give you our SBC IP Trunk details for your account to access through the internet (your existing layer-3 connectivity and a VPN) – but call quality can never be guaranteed using the public-facing internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Features

Call Reason enables CLI SPAM Protect and CLI Verify Clients to let their customers know why they are calling them. It helps in adding context to business calls and improves customer confidence by communicating even before the call is picked up.

CLI Spam Call Reason

The number for which Call Reason is to be displayed must be a valid phone number provided by us and registered for either CLI Spam Protect or CLI Verify. Keep in mind this will require you to use our voice network as ICASA does not allow CLI’s from one voice provider to display as an outbound CLI using another voice provider. Not to worry! We will easily match or better any voice rate with your current provider. We are a tier-1 telco using one of the most redundant PortaOne’s Grade-5 Sip Switches in South Africa and hosted in Teraco Isando.

The call reason text should be <= 70 characters.

The reason mentioned must be crisp, meaningful, and easy to understand from the end user’s call perspective

The text should be free from grammar or spelling errors

Should be moderated and free from irrelevant/harmful content before it reaches end-users, examples  below:

  •  Promotional messages like: You need this product!
  • Urgent info required
  • Confidential legal matter
  • Urgent Delivery
  • About your bank account
  • Or any business-related identifiable information

** You can only update/change the call reason text for a number after 30 days. 

Normal CLI numbers that do not use CLI SPAM Protect and CLI Verify would show as a spammed number when the first person marks it as SPAM even if it was a brand new number given by ICASA with no call history. So, even if you use the “legacy-number-rotation-type-technologies (RNG)” from your current voice provider to try and prevent the inevitable SPAM reports on your numbers, you could very well end up having all your brand new CLI numbers SPAMMED within the first day of using it. 

This is where CLI SPAM Protect and CLI Verify totally disrupt this industry…

The Verified Company partnered with TrueCaller (and hopefully soon Hiya and Verified Calls by Google) and uses a proprietary machine-learning algorithm to calculate a spam threshold on a number based on call recency, call frequency, average call duration, call pickup rate, etc. We then have the ability to “hold off or hide” any SPAM reports for a significant amount of SPAM report attempts. But if your numbers get SPAMMED to the point of breaking this SPAM threshold – it will then display a small banner with the number of SPAM reports. However, because you have a verified service with us, your call CLI will display differently on mobile phones than normal calls not using our products. But, even if there are spam reports on the Verified CLI number on one of our products, no one can tamper with your Company Name or add any inappropriate comments.

Normal vs SPAM Protected CLI

BUT – Our number rotation technology aims to even prevent this from happening. Our Products (CLI SPAM Protect and CLI Verify) aim to avoid any of your numbers ever showing SPAM reports. How? It might be that you will stay under the SPAM threshold for a whole day, which means we will give you 61 outbound CLI numbers. We then display the first CLI number on day one. After day one, we automatically “bank that number” for 60 days before using it again. Why? This is where the magic comes in… the SPAM algorithm works on a 60-day historical moving average. So, if we display the CLI number we used on day-1 only again on day-61, that CLI number will have no SPAM history and behave as a brand new Verified, Trusted and Safe CLI number…(CLI Verify will always have 122 numbers). 

If, however, we see that the type of calls your business makes accelerates the SPAM threshold trigger, you might need to take 122 CLI SPAM Protect or CLI Verify numbers. We will then display 1 number during the first half of your operating hours on day-1 and the second number during the second part of the day using the same 60-day strategy before displaying those CLIs again.

The absolute worst-case scenario will be that you will have to take 183 CLI SPAM Protect or CLI Verify numbers for us to stagger three new CLI numbers during your operating hours per day. 

Regardless of the package that suits your business – if increased contactability is a crucial metric for the success of your business, these products are an absolute game changer and will immediately give you the “unfair advantage” over anyone not using these products. 

An automated internal ticket is triggered when any number crosses the spam threshold. Given the time of day, we might want to monitor the behaviour for a few days before deciding to offer you a higher CLI Number package. 

If you have opted for the Standard CLI Package (61 numbers – one number per day for 60 days) and see that the SPAM threshold was triggered well before the end of your business hours, we will prompt you to consider upgrading to the next Package (which will be 122 Verified CLIs, using two unique CLI numbers; 1 CLI displayed during the first half of your operating hours and the 2nd CLI displaying during the second half of your operating hours).

CLI Spam Protect and Verify features