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94% of spammed calls go unanswered

Spammed Blocked Unknown CLI numbers are the number one reason new prospects and existing clients are not answering your calls...

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Increase trust. 

Increase the propensity of clients to answer more calls.

Decreasing the impact of SPAM and BLOCKED calls. 

This impact of Spammed Blocked Unknown calls is getting worse. Right-party contact declines significantly as more and more people have the ability to SPAM numbers.

  • SPAM damages the reputation of a legitimate business  
  • SPAM diminishes brand trust. 
  • SPAM exponentially decreases contact centre productivity.  

In a desperate attempt to maintain historic profitability, contact centres are now forced to employ more agents and invest in better technology. 

1 %
average annual increase of SPAM in the last three years
1 %
of all smart phones in SA has SPAM Software installed

The Verified Company is the only company in South Africa that can effectively deal with SPAMMED and BLOCKED calls through strategically partnering with  TrueCaller and Hiya, the two dominant SPAM Software Platforms in South Africa.

  • We provide a single solution that verifies your company’s CLIs across both platforms.
  • Our Proprietary Rotation Algorithm ensures your CLIs are always seen as verified, legitimate and trusted.
  • Your CLIs can never be tampered with or be renamed.
  • Even though your CLIs might still be blocked and spammed, our Proprietary Rotation Algorithm will aim at always displaying a clean CLI without any visible SPAM reports.

This inspires brand trust that will assist your business in connecting with more customers.

In addition, we provide powerful Business Intelligence reports across all your calls that traversed both TrueCaller and Hiya as well as the calls that were not affected by SPAM software.

  • Total calls made that were both valid and invalid – helping your data specialist take rapid action if the contact details provided require enrichment to quickly get to numbers that are valid and ultimately connect to the right party 

  • Total valid and invalid calls made to mobile networks  

  • Call Answer Success Ratios (ASRs) of all valid mobile numbers dialled (this is where the impact of SPAM will be most prevalent)  

  • Call Answer Success Ratios (ASRs) of all valid mobile numbers dialled using our Mobile CLI numbers (if Mobile CLI numbers are being used) to see if ASRs (Answer Success Ratios) increase when dialling from a Mobile CLI instead of a Fixed-line CLI 

  • ASRs (Answer Success Ratios) from Mobile CLIs to mobile numbers per working hour of each day to ensure your workforce planning provides for more capacity when it is needed 

  • ASRs (Answer Success Ratios) to fixed-line home or work numbers per working hour of each day to potentially determine when clients should be dialled on their fixed-line numbers.   

  • The ASRs of all the calls that traversed TrueCaller and Hiya, while and overlay this with all your calls to see if the calls made to phones using SPAM Software are increasing as a percentage of your total calls while having peace of mind that the Verified Company is effectively dealing with this threat to your business. 

Our Business Intelligence Team is proactively working to provide even more of these valuable insights to assist our customers to truly get the absolute maximum results per hour worked for each agent or employee. As much as we were first to market with our Verified Products, it is in the area of BI where we truly differentiate ourselves from any other contact centre technology provider.  

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Introducing...CLI Protect & CLI Verify

CLI Spam Protect (Black)

Verified Call PTY LTD is a verified PTY LTD Tier-1 Telecommunication company duly registered in South Africa operating under an ICASA ECNS license that can exclusively and legally provide verified CLI's for outbound calls to other legitimate, verified Pty LTD companies registered in South Africa.

CLI SPAM Verify (Black)

Let your customers know that you are a legitimate, verified company duly registered in South Africa by allowing the Verified Company to use TrueCaller and Hiya to display your trusted brand logo and company name, while telling them why you are calling with a "Call Reason"

CLI Protect
Remove Call CLI Spam - agent 1

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1 Bil
mobile users

The global voice network is the biggest communications platform yet lacks critical layers of trust, identity and intelligence.

1 %
of businesses

 use calls to get the customer’s attention

1 %

year on year or Automated Voice Messages or Robo Calls

1 %
of calls

go unanswered if it is spammed